Welcome to Local Artistree (formerly known as Gestures)

The journey of Local Artistry began as a simple conversation among friends. We wanted a place to display our work close to home. So after years of talking, we set up a small quaint space on the second floor of the Sean Louis Salon. Our small space was a hit! The shop only lasted 3 weeks here, because we quickly out-grew our quaint little space. We graciously accepted the opportunity to move into part of The Beachcliff Cabinet Shop’s showroom, on the other side of our building.
And guess what... we out-grew that space too!!!! So fast-forward to now.... in January 2010, we moved for the third time to OUR VERY OWN SPACE, located at 1150 Linda Street in Rocky River, Ohio, next to Closets Consignment Boutique.

So you may ask what is
                ….Local Artistree….

It is a local artist co-op and gift gallery. We feature local artists and very talented crafters work.  Our offering of work is very unique and special. Why...because these artists are our friends, and all are very passionate about their creations. We have something for everyone. Our shop is filled with “art creations for everyday people”.
Our shop is comfortable, friendly and a peaceful place to visit. We hope you visit soon, and find that it is good for your soul, and will pass on a kind gesture to your family and friends.

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